IFCCA Standard for Bird & Cage

HEAD = 25 points: Small narrow and neat, showing a slight frontal rise from a small beak

BODY = 15 points: Width across the shoulders 33mm / 1 1/4 inches. Length 127mm / 5 inches. The body is tapered in proposition. Wings closely folded. Showing neck.

PLUMAGE = 15 points: Close-fitting and compact and of good natural color, displaying a clean outline.

MOVEMENT = 15 points: Alert with quick and lively movements. Position on perch, 60 degrees to 70 degrees.

TAIL = 10 points: Closely folded and well carried.

LEGS = 5 points: Of medium length, showing thigh.

GENERAL CONDITION = 15 points: Clean and healthy, all colors allowed except red, (color-feeding is not permitted).



Position of mini-drinker, left side of cage, between the first and second front bars.

D-Cup is mounted center under drinker opening of cage front.

The are the official perches utilizing perch bosses.

No D-cups, water drinkers or cages being used during shows shall not have any identifying marks, stickers, names, addresses or writing on them, in any form. All these aspects will be deemed a disqualifying fact.

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